Customer guidelines


If you are travelling back from a high-risk area, please wait in the car park and do not come up to the building or get someone else to collect your pet for you. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms please get someone else to collect your pet for you. If you are not wearing a face mask, please do not come in to reception.


Arrival/Departure times:

Drop off and collection times between 10am – 4pm. When you book, please specify a time as we are trying to minimise the number of customers on site at any one time.


On arrival:

If possible, please allow only one person per family on site, and wear a face covering. Please come up to reception when you arrive but wait outside the door for someone to greet you. If no one is on reception please phone us on 01453860557 and someone will come and meet you.


On departure:

Please come up to reception and wait outside to collect your pets. You can pay over the phone or by bank transfer if you prefer, but we can also take payments in reception. Please wear a face covering and respect social distancing guidelines if you enter the building.



Please send us a photo beforehand if possible, of your pet’s up to date vaccination card. We are currently accepting a 3-month leeway on annual boosters under our vet’s advice. If your dog has the kennel cough vaccine, this will need to be done 2 weeks before their stay. Primary courses of vaccinations are also to be done 2 weeks before the pet’s stay.



You can bring food and medication as normal for your pet. Please don’t bring too many other belongings, we have plenty of bedding and bowls available.



Any questions please do not hesitate in emailing us or ringing before arrival.

New guidelines for your pet’s stay