Purpose designed, our super clean and comfortable apartments are worlds away from traditional kennels. Glass fronts, uPVC walls, and acoustic ceilings give dogs a quieter environment, an unobstructed outlook and a familiar home-like feel. Climate control at a constant 19 degrees year round, combined with soft and hygienic veterinary bedding and right size beds keep dogs very cosy, and anti-slip flooring gives them complete security underfoot. In addition, all kennels have controlled access to a run periodically throughout the day.

Take a look at our apartment choices:

Luxury Apartment 118ft2

Luxury Kennels

The tranquil, deluxe-size apartment is decorated in the style of a bedroom and has a single bed and a television with a DVD player (bring your pet’s favourites films!) and curtains for the evening. A stay in this apartment includes an extra walk daily.

Premier Apartment 50ft2

Premier apartment kennels

A large and quiet apartment with wonderful country views. Air Conditioned with uPVC walls and acoustic ceilings for a quieter more comfortable environment. Anti-slip flooring also used for additional comfort.

Premier Plus Apartment 100ft2

Premier plus apartment kennels

Double the size of the Premier Apartment, this is ideal for larger breeds and family groups, with a pop hatch providing access to both sides 24 hours a day.

Rainbow Suite 60ft2

Rainbow kennels

These brightly coloured apartments look out onto a wide walkway and have an exclusive, spacious indoor run. All apartments have a view of a wall mounted television.

Meadow View 64ft2

These spacious apartments are divided into 2 areas with separate covered runs.  The outdoor runs provide fantastic elevated views of the surrounding countryside also visible from their spacious and brightly coloured rooms.

Family units (137ft2) are also available for multi-dog families.

Meadow Indoor 64ft2

These spacious apartments are divided into 2 areas with separate indoor runs. Ideal for quieter dogs who may not like the distractions of the outside world.

The large indoor runs come with comfortable rooms including air conditioning, anti-slip floors and acoustic ceilings.

Family units (137ft2) are also available for multi-dog families.

Meadow Luxury 84ft2

Situated in Meadow View, this spacious deluxe-sized apartment is decorated in the style of a bedroom and has a single bed and television. The apartment has an additional covered run which allows our guests to come in and out as they please throughout the day.

Retirement Village 40ft2

kennel retirement village

Set away from other dogs and apartments, our Retirement Village provides a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for older pets. The apartments adjoin the family home and look onto a private tranquil outdoor space.

We place huge emphasis on dogs’ emotional and physical wellbeing. We provide fantastic care as standard as well as an extensive choice of extras ensuring we fit with your dog’s feeding habits, likes, dislikes and routines. Along with daily play, cuddles and health checks, our expansive site with paddock and off-lead enclosures, provides plenty of secure space for healthy daily exercise.

We have staff on site 24 hours a day and the vets we use visit round the clock.

Take a look at the care options available:

Standard Care

Dog care

Our standard level of care is anything but standard. It includes:

  • A daily recorded 14-point nose-to-tail health check, including eyes, ears, paws and teeth, to ensure that your dog stays in tip top condition and any health concerns can be dealt with immediately
  • A daily weight check to ensure that your dog isn’t gaining or losing too much weight. If this happens, we’ll adjust the diet accordingly
  • A minimum of three daily exercise/walk sessions in our paddock or off-lead enclosures
  • Two meals a day, or however many times you decide, with feeding monitored to make sure that your dog is eating well
  • Cuddles and play

When you come to pick up your dog, we can give you a copy of our recorded health checks, discuss them with you and let you know if we have noticed or addressed anything during the stay.

Extra Care

In addition to our standard care, you can choose one or more of the following extra sessions to suit your dog:

  • Additional walk on the paddock
  • Off-lead run/play session in our secure enclosure
  • Play session with toys
  • Cuddle/fuss session
  • Additional grooming




Top class accommodation and care