Our luxurious cattery was purpose-designed and constructed in consultation with a leading feline behaviourist and the RSPCA. Kept at a constant 19 degrees for optimum comfort, the indoor bedrooms contain clean, cosy beds and have their own secure outside run with countryside views, which can be freely accessed all day.

A triple-measure security corridor is in operation at all times, ensuring that your cat is always safe in our care. We have staff on site 24 hours a day with access to veterinary care around the clock.

We provide superb care as standard, including making sure that we have a complete understanding of your cats feeding habits, likes and dislikes. You can also opt for additional care sessions to suit you and your cat.

Take a look at the care options available:

Standard Care

Our standard level of care is anything but standard. It includes:

  • A daily one-to-one care session, such as playing with toys, cuddling or grooming according to your preferences
  • Two or more meals a day depending on your pet’s needs
  • Daily monitoring and recording of your cat’s health and well-being

We’ll discuss the information we’ve recorded in full with you when you pick up your cat.

Extra Care

In addition to our standard care, choose up to four of the following sessions per day:

  • Grooming
  • Cuddle
  • Play


We provide a variety of quality tinned and dry food:

  • Felix wet pouches
  • Whiskas wet pouches
  • Go cat dry

If your cat is on a special diet or your preference is not on our list, we’re happy for you to bring in their food.


Luxury accommodation and superb care